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Top Estate Planning Attorneys for Your Legal Hassles @ Wills New York

Are you looking for the top Probate Experts and legal advisors to guide you through your estate planning in New York? Probate administration and estate planning is a technical process that requires the grit and determination of legal experts. If you are looking for the best estate planning lawyers, you have Wills New York. You will get an effective solution for all your estate requirements and asset allocation with us.

Our legal advisors in New York can help you with the following:

  • Estate administration and Probate planning.
  • Medicaid planning and estate management.
  • Minimizing your taxes and eliminating any interference during asset Litigation.
  • Execution of legally binding documents.

We can represent you at every step of the probate and estate planning process without you worrying about your assets. Our attorneys strive to create the perfect blend of problem resolution, probate administration, asset management, and execution of your will. We have a team of qualified lawyers who can help you draft perfect probate for the effective transfer of assets.

Estate Planning and Legal Consultation @ Wills New York

Our team of lawyers understands the issues linked with estate planning and probate administration in the state of New York. We specialize in ensuring the proper planning of your estate and probate for reliable management of your assets. Since our inception, we have strived to offer convenient and affordable probate solutions for clients seeking effective legal services. At Probate Attorney, we provide comprehensive services combined with our efficient work ethic.

How Can Wills New York Help You?

With Wills New York, you can be relaxed about finding the solution for your probate process and estate management. We understand that estate planning and administration is not a conscious task anybody can achieve. We give our best to ensure that you and your family face no hurdles. Our expert attorneys practice excellence to provide you with the best possible service and consultation. Our financial and legal advisors work in close contact with the law to ensure that you benefit from our plans. Our lawyers offer a comprehensive directory of services to ensure a smooth transfer of your properties and make critical financial decisions for your family’s benefit.

Our Priorities @ Wills New York

With us by your side, you can be carefree about the legal formalities regarding the validity of the will, distribution of assets, protection from creditors, and estate taxes. We have the best advisors you can find in the state who are always ahead to help you in any legal situation. Our lawyers enjoy collaborating with you to see all the necessary details to tackle the case. At our firm, you can be relaxed that only a few of your assets will pass through Probate in court.

We can help you get customized solutions for the following:

  • Probate administration, estate planning, and ancillary services.
  • Drafting a Will and management of Probate.
  • Establishing a Living Trust for Medicaid plans and your family’s future.
  • Asset allocation, asset protection, and estate litigation.
  • Handling Guardianship for your minor children.

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Why Choose Wills New York

At Wills New York, we can assist you in preparing for long-term care for your surviving family members and a diverse array of legal tasks. We have a team of articulate advisors who can guide you regarding probate administration, retirement planning, creating wills, creating trusts, ensuring a durable power of attorney, and Medicaid appeals. Over the years, we have received expert status for our services, including asset allocation, Litigation resolution, end-to-end estate planning, and drafting a Will. In addition, atr firm provides our clients with experienced lawyers who have dealt with several Probate cases.

Our expertise can help you choose trustees and beneficiaries for your trust to protect your assets. We have a solid team dedicated to providing you with crafted solutions backed by our promise of performance. After evaluating your situation and requirements, we can help you decide your next step. Then, we can create a trust that is uniquely tailored to your situation. At our firm, you can talk to us freely so that we can address all your legal problems. With an expert team of lawyers on board, we have helped clients achieve their financial goals and protect their loved ones. We deeply value our clients and are readily available whenever they need us.

Our attorneys do not try to sell you a one-size-fits-all approach; they stay up-to-date with all the latest information. As a result, we can help you with your estate planning precisely the way you want. We aim to make your probate and estate planning process as smooth as possible, with our expert staff helping you at every step.

Independent Lawyers

With our firm, you do not risk your privacy as your details remain only with one attorney. After your initial appointment, you will be assigned a lawyer who will stick with you till the end. We have an expert team who will try to understand your case’s details. Our lawyers are available whenever you need them, as we maintain certain hours every week for last-minute appointments.

Client Satisfaction and Legal Services

Your satisfaction is paramount to us, as we value your time and money. We keep pace with the rapidly changing laws to meet your estate planning expectations. Our lawyers invest their time in educating themselves regarding the statutes, clients, and other relevant information. We utilize Wills Long Island’s state-of-the-art office technology for communication, coordination, and case management. Therefore, we can successfully manage document creation and case drafting with ease.

Excellence and Delivery

At Wills New York, we focus on excellence to deliver unbeatable client service. We also provide excellent service as we work closely with all our clients. This enables us to pursue the right opportunities and guide our clients in the right direction. We ensure that you get the right plan and action for your Probate and Estate planning so that you benefit from the relationship. Our exceptional legal service also provides delivering winning solutions within time and budget. We operate in your best interests to keep you active throughout the Probate process.

Approach and Strategy

We believe in talking to our clients to add value to the relationship. Our decades of experience have provided our clients with the attention they deserve. Our value-driven Approach has always been the talk of the town as we strategize with our clients to meet their requirements.

Diversified Team

Our firm’s design is an intricate reflection of our society as we are a team of diverse individuals. We have lawyers from every legal sphere representing varied clients across the state. Our central tenet revolves around expanding the team’s diversity to ensure we can deal with unique cases. At our firm, everyone receives challenging assignments to have more exposure to opportunities to demonstrate their skill.

How we work:

Our Estate Planning Process @ Wills New York


At Wills New York, we provide the initial consultation regarding your estate planning and probate process. An appointment with us will help us realize your requirements to satisfy your objectives and future goals. A consultation will help you gain more information about New York state laws. Our lawyers can also advise you regarding income, estate, and property taxes that can affect your entire estate planning. With us on board, you will not overlook expensive litigation and court expenses in the future.

Income and Estate Taxes

Paying taxes for your estate is a cumbersome process, and you will need expert guidance. Our expert tax and probate attorneys will help you deliver the federal and state income tax returns in the final months, tax returns for the estate, a federal tax return, and the inheritance tax return. We also help minimize the final tax amount if you are worried about the numbers.


Our attorneys effectively and efficiently prepare the documents related to Wills, Trusts, deeds, power of attorney, Medicaid, and other directives. The papers are customized to fit your narratives which will be emailed regularly. You can request any changes to your documents, as there will be blank spaces in the drafts for additional information. Our attorneys always ensure you understand all the necessary legal terms and conditions. Our firm also lets you know the estate and property taxes and your enforceable documents.

Implement Strategies for Asset Protection

Our lawyers can execute planning techniques for Living Trust so that you have a healthy trust waiting for you. In addition, the Living Trust will protect the assets of your family members to ensure they can live independently. We also ensure that the trust is protected from Medicaid’s estate recovery program so that the state cannot attempt to be reimbursed for long-term care.

Detailed Discussion

Our lawyers conduct regular meetings and follow-ups with the clients to discuss the finances and assets. We analyze your options thoroughly to develop a detailed plan regarding your Will, Trust, deeds, power of attorney, Medicaid, and other directives. At our firm, we are upfront and transparent about the pricing as our attorneys discuss the flat and hourly rates.

1. Communication with the client.

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2. Problem analysis

After providing legal advice and analysis of your documents.

3. Performance of work

The work process of our company’s specialists is based on complete transparency and constant informing of the client.

4. Positive result

After the court has satisfied your claims

5. Your rating, our work

Then we deliver the specified documents to you at a convenient time for you

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All estates should pass through the probate court in New York after the testator’s death. According to state Probate laws, a probate is required for transferring the assets to the beneficiaries and legal heirs.
The probate process will take only six months if you have a valid will with every verified detail. However, the period goes up every time a legal issue is involved. If the estate is not identified and confirmed within a given time period, the Probate process can take more than six months.
Your asset value should be more than $30,000 to go through the Probate process in New York. Any estate below the value of $30,000 requires a Will as courts have a small-estate proceeding to administer the assets.